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  1. bodyguard

    • IPA[ˈbädēˌɡärd]


    • n.
      a person or group of people hired to escort and protect another person, especially a dignitary.
    • noun: bodyguard, plural noun: bodyguards

  2. 知識+

    • 英文的問題

      保鑣 bodyguard 黑道老大 the boss of underworld 狗仔隊 paparazzi 大小姐(千金大小姐) 蜈蚣 centipede 蜥蜴 lizard 壁虎 gecko

    • 英翻中~~請問這要怎麼翻譯比較順

      Something like this for your reference: His elite bodyguards bear mirrored shields so that He might bask in his own...

    • 保鑣 的日文

      您說的「保鑣」嗎? 應該是「用心棒」ようじんぼう。您寫的boriukado應該是bodyguard,日語發音是ボディーガード(BODYGUARD)。