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  1. boiling point


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    「n. 沸騰點」的反義字

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    • 有人知道[兇巴巴]的英文怎麼說嗎?

      low-boiling-point person 這是我聽過的說法 我以前活動的地區英文口語說某人易怒有時會說這個人的燃點很低 你可參考參考 2008-12-12 02:11:12 補充: This guy is a low-boiling-point person. 這傢伙很容易抓狂

    • 英文-- Slowly add 'off the boil'

      ...quot;the temperature of the water is a little less than the boiling point" For example, at sea level, the water boils at 100 Celsius...

    • 為何此句用WHERE.....

      .... He invented a thermometer WHERE water's boiling point was 0 degrees and its freezing point 100 degrees...