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  1. bonded area


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    • 幫我將以下英文翻譯 急急急!!!

      ...must fail before bonded over 80% of the total bonded area engineering sample approval required...injection points permissible flash permissible in areas shown only 55-65 IRHD 僅在55-65...

    • 保稅區的英文

      ... Free Trade Zone另外要特別說的是,(3)Bonded Area指某一個國家的海關所指定的區域,而非上述自由貿易區的那種喔!而且這裏...

    • 商用英文翻譯中翻英~~~20點喔~~

      ...besides the taxation carry out service of the other economic policy (for example tax reimbursement, bonded, adds work area and so on) 14. to conform to the overall economical development to plan 15. comparatively to...