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    • 英翻中20點請不要用線上翻譯!!

      你的標題是希臘破產了 (至少在道德上) 你的題目與小強的類似, 參考他的提問 你若要我幫, 請先到我檔案來, 來函告知你是誰 2010-09-07 01:17:03 補充: 希臘破產了 (至少在道德上) TAKISMICHAS (記者名) 報導 在希臘,如同...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下CNN的文章~~謝謝~~(急件)

      ... at Pearson usually hinge on the cost of gasoline and diesel. When those prices are climbing, alt-fuels...high gas and diesel prices don't boost the station's bottom line, so it's ...

    • 多益 英文 幫忙解題 20點

      ... _____ for bankruptcy, after being hit hard by recent rises in the price of fuel. (A) claimed (B) filled (C) filed...