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  1. bottle up

    • ph.
      掩蓋(情緒); 抑制(感情)
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    • ph.
    • 1. 掩蓋(情緒); 抑制(感情)

      Instead of discussing their problems, they bottle up all their anger and resentment. 他們不是把問題提出來討論, 而是把怒氣和怨憤憋在肚子裡。

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    • 片語造句(急

      ...set off for Taipei early in the morning. 他們一大早就啟程去台北了。 ☆bottle up壓抑情緒;掩飾;隱瞞; 壓抑 ★舉例: Let's know your bad...

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      悶葫蘆 不容易翻譯 我找到最接近的英文用語是: bottle up 其它部份就比較容易了。 整句可以這樣: 1. Don't bottle up ...

    • “深藏不漏“的英文??

      ...一個人"深藏不漏"我覺得可以這樣說 =>He is a man with bottled up talents. bottle up - control and refrain from showing; of emotions...