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  1. bottle-conditioned

    • adj.
      (of beer) undergoing a secondary fermentation in the bottle and not filtered, pasteurized, or further processed before serving.
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    • 麻煩請幫我英翻中...thanks in advance!! appearance, 正如你所說的問題在黃色外表上有分別, I think there many condition will cause it: 我覺得是很多因素所形成: The bottle color is different; 瓶的顏色不一樣; There are a little different...

    • 各種 "情況": situation等等的比較 15點

      ... occasion.My husband is saving this bottle of champagne for a special occasion. state (n.) [C] 在某... is in a bad/good etc. state (此時可和 condition 替換使用)The roads are in a terrible...

    • 請問英文'動作的前後'的文法

      before and after Example: I drink 2 bottles of water before and after jogging. I like to puff before...before and after sleeping. sleeping –noun 1.the condition of being asleep.