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  1. bottom-dwelling

    • IPA[ˈbädəmˌdweliNG]


    • adj.
      (of an aquatic organism) dwelling on or near the bed of the sea, a lake, or other body of water.;(of a person or organization) characterized by poor, questionable, or unethical performance.
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      汙染的起因 許多汙染包括汙水和肥料的起因包含營養素譬如硝酸鹽和磷酸鹽。過份水平, 營養素刺激水生植物和海藻成長。這些類型過份成長有機體因而堵塞我們的水路, 用途被溶化的氧氣當他們分解, 並且阻攔光對更深的水。這, 反過來, 證明非常有害對水生有機體當它影響居住在水中的...

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      1.-Removable chassis, bottom grid, grid prevents the mouse, the snake invasion, and remove.... 2. special designed grinding toe-dwelling bat, plating three times more times than...

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      ... winter the beast would come down from the mountain it dwelled to eat animals. After many years...he decided to eat people in the village down at the bottom of the mountain. All the people were very afraid...