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    • 大樹枝
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    • 樹枝的英文與鳥巢的諺語

      ...branch 樹枝;枝 spray 小樹枝,小花枝 枝狀花飾;枝狀物;花葉飾物 bough 大樹枝 The window of her car was broken by a bough...

    • 請幫我區分這幾個英文單子

      ..., fruit, or smaller branches growing from it 樹枝 bough: (literary) a main branch on a tree 樹的主枝 limb: a large branch of a tree sprig: a...

    • 寫英文信及說明

      How are you., I bough your company the right of Your XXXX software on Mar. 28...