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  1. bound up with (or in)

    • closely connected with or related to
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    • closely connected with or related to

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    • 請問::語言的演變也和每個時代的....:英文怎麼講!!急呀

      The development of the language is closely bound up with the background environment of each era too. Such as in an era of economic prosperity...

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      ... at the NBI in Denmark; 我比較愛第一句 回到你的問題 in or at, 其實皆宜 若你認為NBI 很大 (或偉大或是要來上我的課)那就用in...

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      ... fall ill with scarlet fever. You can only find out in chapter 9 if those four sisters like to live with each other as a happy family. Everyone quarrel out of self-interest all the time. It is not easy for people...