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  1. boundary line

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    • 釋義


    • 1. 分界線
    • 2. 邊界
    • 3. 界限
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    • border和boundary是不是可以通用?

      ...政治區域間,如州間或縣間的邊線界」,用border或boundary都可以(也可用borderline, boundary line)。例如:àThe train crosses the border between France and...

    • 急 幫我翻這段 贈10點

      ...grass not short produce there aren't function the speeds beginning、the boundary line was right away become the excessive form that pinches at this moment、then...

    • 請問 site lines的中文意思

      ...邊界 Site = the piece of land on which something is located Line = boundary See