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  1. boutique operation


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    • 中翻英,是一段關於飯店報告的文案,謝謝

      ... more time to learn cooking with dishes such as machinery and equipment operation ln recent years,combined with diverse boutique and fashion trend will be brought to the internationalization of chinese cuisine,and...

    • 《翻譯》英文,有關會計的,20點

      敘述: Dress Ace!有限公司是一小型衣服製造商,與一合約下包工廠合作生產,其產品分銷給不同大盤商及精品店,公司按號碼順序由5個不同部門組成。 業主負責銷售及原料採購,除非銷售增加或成品漲價,業主最近幾個月發現在銀行帳戶內可動用現金相當少,他要求...

    • 與手或腳有關的英文俗語、成語或諺語~20點

      ...restructure and most services were cut to the bare bones of the operation. 2006-10-29 15:07:00 補充: 15. behind one's back - do something when one ...