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  1. down-bow

    • IPA[ˈdounbō]


    • n.
      (on a stringed instrument) a stroke in which the bow, from handle to tip, is slid across the strings in a motion of the hand moving away from the strings.
    • noun: down-bow, plural noun: down-bows

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    • 英文成語的中文解釋

      bowing down before the porcelain god 不是成語喔 是口語 這照字面意思翻是在瓷器之神彎腰 他的實際意思是代表嘔吐 所以這句話的意思就是vomit, 嘔吐 為什麼呢? 因為你吐的時後 你就一直趴在馬桶前面吐 馬桶有些就是白瓷做的

    • 班長的英文口號?

      起立 arise、uprising 敬禮 bow、congee、salute、obeisance 坐下 sit、squat 2005-08-06 22:50:21 補充: 沒關係啦!!雖然人不多,但是能幫到你找到答案最重要啊!

    • 急~關於英文”狐假虎威” 的moral~

      ...influence for personal gains. Althought the initial fear factor will make people bow down to you, continued abuse will only bring about personal loathing and distrust...