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  1. bowel movement


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    • 拉肚子的英單是~

      有很多說法: loose bowelsbowel movement(比較接近於大號,不是嚴重拉肚子)/diarrhea/an upset...discharge excrement/to take feces to make/to take (have) a bowel movement/to make a poo poo/to make a BM (後面兩個...

    • 問幾個英文單字... fart have a bowel movement; to have a movement; to empty the bowels 3.ass sex 祝: 樓下的, 妳回答的...

    • 請問狗大便英文怎麼說?

      ...quot; and "relieve" are quite common. For medical discussion, "bowel movement", "move the bowel" are common. 3. 我需要非常確定母語人士真的...