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  1. bowl

    • IPA[bəʊl]



    • n.
      碗; 湯盆; 洗碗盆;斗; 匙頭; 桶身; 球形燈罩
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 碗; 湯盆; 洗碗盆 a bowl of milk 一碗奶
    • 2. 斗; 匙頭; 桶身; 球形燈罩


    1. a round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid

    2. a natural basin

    3. a stadium for sporting or musical events

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    • BOWL can not be found 奇摩字典

      Bowl in chinese is 盃 for example , Rose Bowl is 玫瑰盃... like the one you use for rice / meal ) so in China, Rose Bowl will be 玫瑰碗 , Super Bowl is 超級碗 but it just doesn...

    • bread bowl

      Bread Bowl是一種圓形麵包,切掉部分上半部,再把中間挖空.裏面填入濃湯,切掉的麵包就沾... 及Ontario, 加拿大所屬的Tim Horton 咖啡店中餐bread bowl非常受歡迎.你可以試著自己做.買大的高筋麵包(至少像碗這麼大)湯可用玉米...

    • Babylonian Demon Bowls

      ... out as unique, namely the so-called Babylonian demon bowls. These inscribed earthenware vessels were found...