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  1. bowl along

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    • 1. (指汽車或其乘客)快而穩地行進 We were bowling along the motorway at seventy miles per hour. 我們以每小時七十英里的速度在高速公路上飛馳。
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    • 幫我寫一篇英文關於世界盃運動項目

      ... a sport in which players try to win the game by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface in order to knock down objects called pins...

    • 英文文法題目

      We’re going _______tomorrow 2.bowling打保齡球 go + Ving 去做某是(通常是運動娛樂 Taipei . Do you want to come ____ ? 3.along come along一起來 what’s the matter on you...

    • 英文問題...應該很簡單(急)

      ...floor ) d.I won’t forget ( to wash the bowls after eating dinner ) e.I won’t...ll( do my homework in time) c.I’ll( get along with classmates ) d.I’ll( study hard...