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  1. bowl someone over

    • ph.
      knock someone down
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    • ph.
      knock someone down

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請各位精通英文的強者幫幫忙呀!!我實在很煩惱呢!!

      ...a vibrant, bustling, energetic feel. In every direction you look you're bowled over by an awesome view of the world's most beautiful harbour. Nothing else...

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      ...some of them.I think you can say like below: There is a bowl of instant noodles (over) there, Can (May) I get some of them ?Or ...

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      世界杯大賽有段多采多姿的歷史,其獎盃亦然。第一屆世界杯獎盃是一座希臘勝利女神耐吉雙手舉盆過頭的雕像,由一名法國藝術家 阿布拉福洛(Abel Lafuleur)在1929年所設計的。獎盃重3.8公斤,高35公分,以黃金打造,1930年的第一屆世界杯比賽烏拉圭贏得這座獎盃。在...