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  1. bozo

    • IPA[ˈbəʊzəʊ]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:bozos

  2. 知識+

    • the only bozo on the bus的中文

      "We're all bozos on the bus" 是原文, 下一句接: "so we might as well sit back and enjoy... Gravy. 所言頗含哲理,把人生比喻成一趟巴士旅遊。"bozos on the bus" 是指一般人,凡夫俗子 -- 但也只有凡夫俗子才能真正享受人生...

    • 94年領隊外語閱讀測驗英翻中part 2

      ...喜歡與他人比鄰而居, 但有些人卻喜歡獨處) Take Bozo Kuick, for example. For over eighty-four... island. They tried to talk to Bozo. At first the old hermit ran away...

    • How to say"他是班上的開心果"in English

      ..., when you say: What a clown; he is a clown; what a bozo; These usually imply that he does not know what he is doing...