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  1. brain drain


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    • 1. (高科技)人才的流失;人才外流 The country suffered from a continual brain drain because of bad economy. 那個國家因經濟不景氣,人才不斷外流。
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    • 英文俚語 - Brain and boom ?

      ...intelligent person. Come on brain box, what's the answer? See also: box a brain drain: the movement of people with education and skills from their own country to...

    • back-migration

      back-migration = remigration = migration back to the place from which one came 與 brain drain 人才外流相反。因此本複合字宜延伸為 人才回流

    • [20P奉上] 看商業英文文章 回答3問題~頗有難度(很急)

      ... is very important. And they have to ensure that it will not cause the brain drain.