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    brain power

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    • 請求英文段落翻譯

      ... . 當人們呈放鬆狀態時,腦袋裡的電流大多是阿法波。 To capture brain power , scientists attach wires to people's heads and tell the...

    • 英文造句~考試要用~~~(急)

      ...paper.18. A new manager will take over this company next month.19. A lot of brain power went into solving these thorny problems.20. It ...

    • (急需)英文翻中文

      ...一些營養品對於腦,比其他有更好的效果。 For instance, can broccoli increase brain power? Maybe so. 舉例來說,甘藍菜可以增強腦力嗎?也許是的。 Low...