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  1. brained

    • brain的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 英文俚語 - Brain and boom ?

      BRAIN v BRAWN he got the brains and brawns be all brawn...very intelligent. I agree he's got a good body, but he's all brawn and no brains. See also: all be out of your brain (British, very informal...

    • brain什麼時候要加s

      Sometimes, brains. ( used with a plural verb ) understanding; intellectual power; intelligence... 很聰明 } The poor child inherited his mother's brains and his father's looks. { 那可憐的孩子遺傳他老媽的腦袋 (此...

    • Brain Teaser

      brain teaster 有點像我們的腦筋急轉彎 以幽默好玩為主 有人回答為 about 3000Kg...