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    • [英翻中]有誰會翻這句

      ... up as the truck rolled downhill and immediately pressed the brake pedal. However, the brakes did not work, and the truck continued...

    • 中文翻英文

      ...velocity; geared-up speed; 加速踏板 [機械工程] accelerator pedal;加速係數 accelerator coefficient; accelerating factor... throttle 25.輕踩煞車A touch on the brakes 26.扣16分16 points 27.滿分Full ...

    • 請問backpedal的中文意思和用法?

      ... or backpedalling, backpedals 1. To move the pedals of a bicycle or similar vehicle backward, especially to apply a brake. 2. To move backward by taking short quick steps, as in ...