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  1. branch out

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    • 1. 向新的方向擴展自己的活動或興趣 The company began by specializing in radios but has now decided to branch out into computers. 該公司開始時專營無線電器材, 現在已決定擴展業務經營計算機了。 She's leaving the company to branch out on her own. 她打算脫離這家公司, 自己開業。
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    • 關代類英文問題

      有一句歌詞 I had that a dream which we branched out(關係子句修飾dream) started a family tree. 亦可寫成句子 That I had a dream which we branched out(S) started (V) a family tree.

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      樓上的朋友們的答案都對了一部份,經過查證正確的答案是: 1. Hold out an olive branch = 表達求取和平的意思。「橄欖枝」(Oliver Branch)...

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      ...unworthy or not in the scene. -Dates scene chicks. However may branch out to preps. Both sexes: -Myspace. -Over 100...