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  1. brand

    • IPA[brand]


    • n.
      a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name;a brand name
    • v.
      mark with a branding iron;mark indelibly
    • verb: brand, 3rd person present: brands, gerund or present participle: branding, past tense: branded, past participle: branded

    • noun: brand, plural noun: brands

    • 釋義



    • 1. mark with a branding iron the seller had branded the animal with his grandfather's name 同義詞 mark, stamp, burn, sear, identify
    • mark indelibly an ointment that branded her with unsightly violet-coloured splotches he had a look of unabashed power that only years of experience could brand on to a man's face
    • mark out or describe as having a particular bad or shameful quality anyone who says anything bad about the country is branded as a traitor she was branded a liar 同義詞 stigmatize, accuse of being, mark out, denounce, discredit, ... 更多
    • 2. assign a brand name to.
    • promote (a particular product or company) by means of advertising and distinctive design we'll have the ability to market and brand our own product