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    • 英文翻譯(英翻中)--15點---謝絕翻譯軟體,網頁直譯

      A) You can't beat the feeling of a brand new home and this exclusive enclave of homes close by Paritai Drive are the perfect answer to a busy modern lifestyle. Offering an easy commute to the CBD you can come home and enjoy all the...

    • 關於行銷marketing的最後一個問題~急需~謝謝~

      ... and campaigns for an improved lifestyle.  The most common way of practicing superior.... By doing so, the company’s or product’s brand image will be elevated as well as creates...

    • 英譯中(Adidas)

      ...a separate identity 獨立的企業本體,identity 不是認同。2 focus the two brands on different segments of the market "焦點放在兩個品牌的區域行銷"...