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  1. brass neck

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 厚顏無恥 After calling him an imbecile, I really do not have the brass neck to ask for his forgiveness. 在我罵他是個廢物之後,我實在無法厚顏無恥去請求他的原諒。
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    • 用英文介紹長頸族?

      ... of the Karen Padaung villages wear multiple brass rings around the neck, the arms and the legs, and for this tribe the rings are...

    • 英文歌詞意思解釋

      ...因為是歌詞 你沒有放整段的歌詞 所以意思上多少會受到點影響 i got brass knuckles hanging from my neck and my chain. 我身上掛滿了武器 (<--表示自己很兇惡?) brass...