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    brave the elements

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    • 請問英文名字”Rickie”是什麼意思

      ... or given name Richard comes from the Germanic elements 'ric' (meaning power, rule, leader) and 'hard' (meaning brave, hardy, strong). It can thus be interpreted to mean...

    • 早餐店名翻成英文"XX坊"

      ...know you try to romance it, but unless you can be brave to use the kind of suggestion as in LAST example, but just a place to work and to shield of the elements. 2012-02-08 10:02:13 補充: However...

    • 請英文翻譯高手協助這樣的翻譯對找ok嗎

      唐王朝後,約三百年的歷史,雄厚的國力和經濟繁榮。聘請其他家庭由於它的特點,創造了豐富的文化內涵,在這個多樣化和開放的環境,婦女的頭髮化妝造型唐豐富和驚人的渲染的外觀到眉毛,例如,至少十五;唇款式繁多,面部化妝堅強勇敢,豐富的造型,不愧為中國最高的女性。 本...