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    break down into

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    • 看到一段文章,想用句型文法解析分析一下。

      Let me break down this sentence into several sections to let you know what is what...hard to understand. It is better to break this sentence into two parts: His focus on court and humbleness...

    • 英文片語 <--中文意思 幫! 15點

      ...blow up 爆炸~爆發~抓狂 2. break up 結束~使分開 break-up意思是離婚 3. break down 失敗~劃分~損壞 4. bump into 撞上&偶遇 5. by the way 順帶一提 6. between A and B 在...

    • 英文一題時態

      (b) break All you have to do is break down the group into smaller groups. All you have to do is+Vr. 雖然加to文法也沒錯 但現在已經習慣省略to