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  1. break in on

    • interrupt
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    • 關於91年的統測英文考題

      ...down with染上[疾病] (B) run out of用完 (C) make up for填補 (D) break in on干擾 [解釋]由此此語意看來,瑪莉必須得填補上時間,哪些時間呢?當他生病時...

    • ”半自助旅行”的英文翻譯

      ...說 I would like to have a city break in America. I want to go on a city break in America. I would like to go on the USA city breaks...

    • 什麼是三語動詞(英文)

      ...朗文2009年出版,pp.561-564 有25個例子如下: back out of be fed up with be up to break in on catch up with cut down on drop in on drop out of face up to fall back on fall in with...