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    break off an action

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    • 請幫我糾正英文文法,謝謝

      ... will be soon allowed to take aggresive actions to arrest the pirates who usually plunder the ... that the State council is about to reach an agreement with an unnamed country to arrest the pirates...

    • 幫忙翻譯一下

      一般的概述︰ 過去,具有毀滅性的9 只尾巴妖魔狐狸被在一個嬰兒內密封,你猜測它,Naruto。 這個男孩在經常在忍者學校做他的同班同學的愚蠢的中心, 如果你想要叫它為那,伸出有趣並且看不起他。 Naruto的夢是每人透過成為Hokage,在他的家家鄉,葉村莊...

    • 請益英文的句子,英文達人幫忙翻譯成淺顯易懂的英文!!

      ...the disconnection for necessary action, explained in more...the local side of a port suffer broken line, and B1 and ...side of the device will send an alert telling the remote...not send the data, please turn off the A1 and A2...