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    break one's back

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    • 求英文造句+翻譯

      (1) at the end of one's rope 計窮力竭 She's at the end of her rope... boyfriend when I knew he cheated. (41) break one's word 不守諾言 She broke her word...

    • 請幫忙翻下面幾句諺語

      ...step that is difficult 萬事起頭難 3.It is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back 壓死駱駝的最後一根稻草 4.It is too late to lock the stable door...

    • 幫我查片語的.意思.kk音標.句子 急!

      ...gif ] 支持 He would have lost his position if you hadn'y backed him up. 假如你當初沒有支持他,他可能已經失去職位了。  3. break up with [ 圖片參考: ] 與...分手...