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  1. break one's back to do sth.

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    • 求英文造句+翻譯

      ... knew he cheated. (41) break one's word 不守諾言 She broke her word upon telling my secret to another person. (42) break with 與某人斷交 He broke with his ...

    • 請問有誰可以告訴我這些英文單字的片語有哪些!!!

      ...the lie. 他指責瑪麗說了假話。 4. lie in one's teeth 撒大謊 He was... believes he has the right to sit back while others do the hard work. 他認為別人在幹重活時他有權利...

    • 請問有關於take與make的片語

      ...ll give you the money back, so there's no need to start making a...抱怨 make a noise about sth. 抱怨某事 He... her to do. 祕書已把老板要她...才能。 make a pig of oneself 大吃大喝;吃喝過多...