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    • keep one's promise 用這個片語寫出完整句子

      ...would accomplish every assignment his supervisor give him through any mean. 2 break one's promise Not to break her promise to her son to arrive at home earlier today, she...

    • 請問英文裡不守信用要怎麼說?

      ...have good faith, Not keeping faith -> Not abiding one's word -> Not being true to one's promises For example, You didn't do the things you promised...

    • 諷刺 罵人 的成語

      ...行為。 2011-12-31 14:21:13 補充: 比喻言而無信,說話不守信用 ◎自食其言(break one's promise ) ◎食言而肥(fail to make good ones promise) ◎出爾反爾(go back on one's words;contradict...