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  1. break out of sth.

    • ph.
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    • 1. (強行)逃出某處 Several prisoners broke out of the jail. 有幾名囚犯越獄了。
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    • out of 用法與文法

      ... ) 介係詞 定義:out of somewhere/sth; no longer in a stated...例句: An apple rolled out of the bag. out of the bag 是介係詞片語...確實含有 out of,如:back out ofbreak out of 。這種三字動詞片語, out...

    • make sth out of nothing at all

      out of 是基於.....的意思. 比如 out of curiosity. making love out of nothing at all 在這首歌的意思是 那個女...tell the girl he cannot make love out of nothing at all like she does.

    • 英文片語~~幫忙翻譯@@感謝

      1. take a break /休息.偷閒 2. hand sth in /提出.繳交某件東西 3. to get along with somebody /單獨和某人在一起 4. be know for /無數 5. on my own/靠我自己 6. out of order /發生故障.出毛病.違反議事規則.順序序亂 7. off the order...