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  1. break ship

    • ph.
      fail to rejoin one's ship after absence on leave
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    • break up 有其他意義?

      break up : 粉碎; 破碎 ex: The ship broke up on the rocks. (船觸礁撞碎了。)結束 ex: ... Allen makes me just break up. (伍迪‧艾倫令我幾乎笑破肚皮。) * 標註(AmE...

    • 請幫我英翻中〞魯賓遜漂流記〞大意 急件

      ... and several tools. Those had been left on the broken ship.

    • a price break 是什麼意思~

      【a price break = 優惠價】 Do you have a price break for larger quantity? 貴公司是否對大訂量給於予... before the main products being shipped.我們希望在主產品前能夠先寄樣品給你試試。 2009...