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    break short off

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    • Notes to take when the幫我翻譯ㄧ下好媽

      ..., when the hold time for 24 VDC during AC power–off is too short, servo activation is released before the breaks are applied because some peripheral circuit detects power–off...

    • 請幫我把這些單字用英文造句跟解釋!!(15點)

      ... to death. 5.take a break: A short or period rest Ex: you should take a break as you are working too long... pouring down in a waterfall off the hill. 8.check something out : To ask...

    • 英文翻中文

      ... the egg to her mate and goes off to sea to break her fast. 她把蛋交給了公企鵝,然後到海...肚皮的縐折,保持蛋的溫暖。 He can shuffle short distances without dropping the egg. 他...