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  1. break up


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    • break up 有其他意義?

      break up : 粉碎; 破碎 ex: The ship broke up on the rocks. (船觸礁撞碎了。)結束 ex: Their marriage has broken up. (他們的婚姻已經破裂。)散開; 解散 ex: The meeting broke...

    • 我有說過分手半次嗎?

      break up with xxx : 與xxx分手 請參閱:語感中要帶到: Have I uttered even a word about breaking up with you? Did I ever say a single word about breaking...

    • 學校報告有關how to break up When two people have to let each other go. Dispite the fact...the lottery. I know it's tough but you have to move on after a break up.