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  1. break-up party

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    • 幫我看看這篇英文日記哪裡要修改

      ... Scotty who was cheating by his girlfriend and broke up on graduate party . She caressed with her new boyfriend on the stage of party...

    • 請幫我聽這段影片的英文我要離開這裡) We don't normally make pick up in this zone. (我們通常不接這區的客人) 2:39 - 2:40I'm sorry I have to break the party, Mr.Weise(照你拼法) I just...

    • 請各位大大幫我將下列文字翻成英文

      ...甚至殺對方全家. Someone prohibits by threatenning means to break up with him(she) and sprinkle sulfuric acid, or the arson burn an ex- female(male) the house of the friend, with revenge the other party, even kill the other party whole family. 2.以愛為名,卻做傷害對方的事. Take...