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  1. bribery scandal

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    • 1. 賄賂醜聞 Who would have thought that you were involved in a bribery scandal? 誰也想不到你今天會被捲入賄賂醜聞。
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    • toeic qustion

      __________employees admitted being involved in the bribery scandal. (a)much (b)many of (c)most of (d)some 正解: (d)some (a)much : 不適用於可數名詞...

    • 麻煩幫忙用英文俚語造句

      ...instinct had told me that he was not a decent guy before the bribery scandal broke. There is no smoke without fire. (在那賄絡醜聞爆料...

    • 請各位英文高手幫忙回答英文文法疑問,謝謝

      ...daughter-in-law Huang Rui Liang pleaded guilty in the *scandal of family bribery* and individually took bows with apologies to the public.