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  1. brick cheese


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    • 英文片語<速>(請翻譯)10點

      ...打錯的 我先改過來 要是是我看錯請跟我講!!! 首先 , as brick as bee 要改成 as busy as a bee 還有,as crunning as a fox...death:跟死了一樣確定 as different as chalk is from cheese:就如粉筆和起司一樣不同 (2樣根本是無關的) 2009-08...

    • How to make a pizza?

      ... your pizza that pizzeria look. Cover with cheese. Also leaving a quarter to half inch border...brown. If you are using a pizza stone or bricks, always sprinkle corn meal on stone just before the pizza ...

    • 翻譯翻譯請幫忙翻譯食譜中翻英)?詳細簡潔佳

      ... kids gets excited when they see cheese melt. 1. 餅乾切好後放到烤盤上、建議要放烘焙紙。 once...:(黑/白)巧克力磚塊 black/white chocolate brick 2:小刀、刷子 knife, brush 3:(愛心...