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  1. bride-to-be

    • KK[ˋbraɪdtəbɪ]
    • DJ[ˋbraidtəbi]


    • n.
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    • 不定詞「to V」的用法

      ...這一餐很美味)。 【oxford】 be中的解釋有-- xx-to-be (複合詞): future his bride-to-be, ie his future bride 2. You are my bride-to-be. 句中的...

    • 英文文法修正

      ...quot; is only for the moment you are married or before (such as bride-to-be). After that, you are spouse. Your statement shall be for after...

    • 請問英文裡husband-to-be是代表什麼意思??

      通常是見到 groom-to-be未婚夫fiance bride-to-be未婚妻fiancee (二個f字其實是法文喔,可以點進...remember one time-I had just met my husband-to-be, and we hadn't known each other along. 我記得...