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    • 歌詞翻譯倉木麻衣&孫燕姿-Tonight I feel cl

      Lyrics:倉木麻衣/西室斗紀子 Music:大野愛果 ...away Whisper on the wind so softly Let the bright stars fill our dreams with love... feel close to you You open my door and light the sky above When I need a friend, you ...

    • 這句該怎麼翻英文?(緊急)

      ... in the sky, you are the brightest. You truly light up my life. 1977年美國最有名的...

    • 幫翻譯英文~~

      ... the lonesome season, his lyrics BE: The breeze ...resolute here lonesome season The bright sun is high to shine on the world...season Walks through cold  the last light that the breeze blows to put out...