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  1. bring

    • IPA[brɪŋ]



    • vt.
    • 過去式:brought 過去分詞:brought 現在分詞:bringing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 帶來 to bring sth./sb. to a place 把某物/某人帶到某處 to bring sth./sb. into a room 把某物/某人帶入房間
    • 2. 使移動 to bring sb./sth. to a place 把某人/某物引到某處 the judge brought his hammer down on the table 法官用木槌敲桌子
    • 3. 輸送
    • 4. 引導 this track should bring us to the edge of the forest 沿這條小路可以走到森林的邊緣
    • 5. 播送; 刊載 television pictures brought to you from the other side of the world 從世界的另一邊傳送過來的電視畫面 the concert will be brought to us live from Sydney 音樂會將從悉尼向我們現場直播
    • 6. 使想到 to bring sb. to ... 使某人想到
    • 7. 帶來; 招致 wait and see what tomorrow brings 等著看明天會發生甚麼事情吧 to bring sth. to or on sb./sth. 給某人/某事物帶來某事物
    • 8. 提供 to bring experience/knowledge to sth. 把經驗/知識應用於… to bring one's talent(s) to sth. 把聰明才智應用於某方面
    • 9. 使處於某狀態 to bring sb./sth. under control 控制住某人/某事物 to bring sb. into contact with sb./sth. 使某人接觸某人/某事
    • 10. 使…顯現 to bring a blush to sb.'s cheeks 令某人臉紅 to bring a tear to sb.'s eye 使某人流淚
    • 11. 使達到 to bring sth. to sth. 使某事達到某程度 that brings the total to £120 這使總數達到120英鎊
    • 12. 促使 to bring sb./oneself to do sth. 促使某人/自己做某事 she couldn't bring herself to tell him the bad news 她不忍心告訴他這個壞消息
    • 13. 提起; 把…提交裁決 to bring sth. against sb. 對某人提起… to bring sb./sth. before a judge/committee 把某人/某事交由法官/委員會裁決


    1. take or go with (someone or something) to a place

    2. cause (someone or something) to come to a place

    3. cause someone to receive (an amount of money) as income or profit

    4. cause (something)

    5. initiate (legal action) against someone


    「1. take or go with (someone or something) to a place」的反義字

    「2. cause (someone or something) to come to a place」的反義字

    「3. initiate (legal action) against someone」的反義字