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  1. bring sb. out in sth.

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    • 1. 使某人渾身都有某事物 The heat brought him out in a rash. 因氣溫很高, 他渾身長了皮疹。
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      ...23:47:26 補充: 21.Bind sb to do sth: She bind her husband to clean the clean the kitchen. 22.Bring in: This product bring in on delivery. 29.Carry out: How do you carry out ...

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      ...two countries broke out in an outrageous speed. 2010-02-02 05:08...05:10:12 補充: (40) break up with sb. 與某人絕交 I broke...2010-02-02 05:10:39 補充: (43) bring sb./sth. back 送回某人某事物 My dad...

    • 急問 英文的片語 指考曾考過的

      bring it up = 養育;提起。 bring up sth. = 談到某事。 get it over with...s back = 等待某人回來。 take it out = 扣除;除去;取出;帶...出去。 save it skin = 逃脫。 take sb. in the dark about sth. = 某人不知道某些...