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  1. bring someone to book

    • ph.
      officially punish someone or call them to account for their behaviour
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    • ph.
      bring someone to justice; punish

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 一些英文諺語的中文翻譯

      ...haystack 大海撈針a Herculean task艱鉅的任務 to give up the ghost 見閻王(死)bring to book 要求解釋; 責問

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      ... something or accompanying someone somewhere, but bring is used to suggest movement towards the speaker and take every lesson... Anna took the book to school with her. In the ...

    • 主動與被動改寫 1980. →The book is published... the lesson. 6.Someone told me to wait here at nine-thirty. &rarr...8.He was brought up by his ...