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  1. bring someone up

    • ph.
      look after a child until it is an adult
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    • Beam me up, Scotty是什麼意思?

      ...from an embarrassing or difficult situation. 想脫離困境的意思, Beam up = in science fiction stories, to bring someone back to their spacecraft using special electronic equipment 在科幻故事中...

    • 國中英文一些重要的片語

      ...14. break out = begin suddenly 突然發生 15.bring something in = produce something 獲利 16. bring someone up = rear someone 撫養某人 heart = by memory 背誦 the way = incidentally 順便...

    • 誰能告訴我這些英文片語的意思...(要英文解釋)20+ someone around the bend; drive someone up the wall E.g. This cough... nuts. 15. knock some sense into someone: try to persuade someone to behave more sensibly Syn: bring someone to their senses; get...