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  1. bring someone up short

    • ph.
      make someone stop or pause abruptly
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    • 單字的意思

      ...s notice (解僱時)在一星期前通知 at short notice 在短時間內,頃刻之間 at a moment...s notice 被認為不值得注意,不值一顧 [under] sb's notice 使某人注意到...有很大差別. I noticed someone going out. 我看到有人出去. 2...

    • 我想要英文小故事@@”...

      ...quot;I promise you all you wish, if you will but bring me my ball back again." But...head into the water and sank down; and in a short while came swimmming up again with the ball in his mouth, and ...

    • 請問誰可以提供我英文短文?

      ... Festival. It is quite appropriate to bring moon cakes with you in token of festival greetings... school at seven in accordance with the law in a remote village. Short of funds,