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  1. bring sth. in

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 摘取並收集(作物、水果等) bring in a good harvest 獲得好收成
    • 2. 提出(議案) bring in a bill to improve road safety 提出改善道路安全的法案
    • 3. 宣布(對被告的裁決) The jury brought in a verdict of guilty. 陪審團裁斷被告有罪。
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      ...停息 blow one's top 大發雷霆 bring forth 提出/產生 bring in sth 獲得利潤 bring sth off 把困難事做成功 bring up 養育...去除 give and take妥協/交換意見 give away讓與/洩密 give in屈服/投降 hang back猶豫/畏縮不前 hang on 堅持下去/不要...

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      ...超過.其他補充在意見. 2009-04-29 23:47:26 補充: 21.Bind sb to do sth: She bind her husband to clean the clean the kitchen. 22.Bring in: This product bring in some income in a short period. 23. Bring together...

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      ...: He was born and brought up in Taipei.   例:他在台北出生長大。 2008-02-02 01:38:58 補充:  3) to bring sth up = to vomit 如果「帶上來」的是胃裡的東西就是...