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  1. bring ... to

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    • 1. 使...甦醒 She fainted when she heard the news but they finally brought her to. 她聽到那消息便昏倒了, 但他們終於使她甦醒。



    • vt.
      使蘇醒 to bring sb. to himself/herself 使某人蘇醒
    • ph.


    • ph.
      (迫使某人)服從紀律和管束 The rebels have been brought to heel. 反叛者被壓制住了。
    • ph.
      揭露 Their conspiracy was brought to light. 他們的陰謀被揭露了。
    • ph.
      給某人/某事物的活力 Let's invite Ted -- he knows how to bring a party to life. 我們邀請特德吧--有他到會就熱鬧了。
    • ph.
      使甦醒 They brought the drowned swimmer back to life. 他們使溺水的游泳者甦醒過來。
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      帶來名聲 His achievements have brought fame to his country. 他的成就為國家帶來名聲。
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    • bring to fruition + 受詞

      ...produce the results that were intended or hoped for. 所以to bring all the ideas to fruition 是由「想法」變成「成果」 是 to change A...


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