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    bring to a close

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    • Will you make a compromise意思?

      ...我們往後的生意,我們需要你們的讓步」 3.We’ll make any concession to bring this to a close 我翻成「為了讓這件事情落幕,我們願意做任何的讓步 4.We’ll...

    • 一個難解的英文選擇題

      ...代替副詞片語"only by......changes"呢?它代替的真主詞是 "to bring the crisis to a close" *** Only + 副詞(片語與子句) + 主要句倒裝 Only when one ...

    • 英文題目 我不會><

      ...2)Only by making fundamental changes will it ______possible to bring the crisis to a close. 1.but alos 2.may be 3.then 4 (3)Even though thr television...