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  1. bring up the rear

    • ph.
      be at the very end of a line of people
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    • 英文字詞的造句

      ...bring up :Two women and a man came into the room -- the man brought up the rear. in any case:In any case you must arrive there on time. tie up :It...

    • 請問 kick up the pants 這英文俚語

      ...the same as "kick in the butt (a-s-s, teeth, rear)," basically, it has two possible meanings...disappointment (rarely used this way) "Kick up the paints" can only mean "give someone a boost...

    • 可以幫我中翻英嗎?謝謝英文很好的大大們

      ...and future expectations of the family, so bring up the top of the Hakka and the nuclear family produce...and simple lifestyle, and wants to take the child-rearing female the important task of, therefore, also known...